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Match ANY term:
Find all lines that contain at least one of the words on the query line. Several search terms may be entered, typed in any order, separated by spaces. (The default.)

Match ALL terms:
Find all lines containing ALL of the words on the query lines. Each line must contain every word.

Match exact phrase:
Find the exact sequence of letters and punctuation entered, even beginning or ending within words. MUCH slower. Exact phrase queries must be at least three characters long.

Word frequency & rank:
Gives the total number of occurrences of the words entered in the ~119,000-word Stevens canon included in the database. Also gives the relative rank of the word entered among the 13,500+ different words in Stevens' poems (ignoring case and counting different word forms as different words). Those interested can also download a complete list in Rich Text Format of the words included in the database and their frequencies. The download is a zipped archive.

Match case [checkbox]:
Limits results of Match ANY, Match ALL, or Match exact phrase searches to lines matching the capitalization of the query word or phrase exactly. With "Match case" checked, a search for "Bird" ignores lines in which "bird" appears only in lowercase.

Wild cards:
Limited wild card use is allowed in Match ANY, Match ALL, and Word frequency & rank searches. To search for more than one word beginning with the same stem of three or more letters, add an asterisk (*) to the stem. Thus, for example, "indig*" matches both "indigenous" and "indigo," and "bird*" matches both "bird" and "birds."

Stop words and result limits:
Because of the large number of results returned, certain common words are rejected as search terms. This list currently includes "the," "of," "and," "a," "in," "is," "to," "that," "it," & "as."

Credits: The default text is The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens: The Corrected Edition (Vintage, 2015), ed. John N. Serio and Chris Beyers. Other texts are Opus Posthumous, ed. Milton J. Bates (Knopf, 1989), cited as OP; and The Necessary Angel (Vintage, 1951), cited as NA. All texts are © Alfred A. Knopf and © Faber and Faber and are gratefully used by permission. Originally created in 2004 by Serio (text) and Greg Foster (Web), this updated version contains corrections by Serio and Web design and programming by Tom Saulnier.
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Online Concordance to Wallace Stevens’s Poetry